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Test Drive a D Lakin Bass at no cost…

D Lakin Basses will cover all shipping costs involved with your “test drive”.

If you don’t want to buy the bass we will cover all shipping costs – to and from.
If you choose to not buy the bass your purchase price will be refunded in full!

Contact Dan himself @ (312) 576-3943 (or email – ) to arrange a test drive!

NPR Feature Interview



One of the first D Lakin Basses TV appearances!

D. Lakin Basses Sells Top Quality Bass Merchandise featuring:
– D. Lakin Basses
– Epifani Bass Amps
– Quality Preowned Used and Vintage Bass Guitars and Amps
– D. Lakin Basses Accessories (coming soon)

Basses available now for immediate delivery!  Check them out here.

If you are interested in an available bass, then please e-mail Dan at and reference the serial number.

I will then hold that bass until we are able to communicate by  e-mail or telephone (312) 576-3943

Want more information?  Contact Dan directly:

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